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Open Source Software

Had there been no open source philosophy in the software development, do you think IT would have gained the same popularity in every sphere of life, as it holds now? Perhaps, without any ifs and buts the answer would be No. Needless to say, the concept is a blessing to the community of software developers and end-users, or in broad the humanity. Whether its applied fields including artificial intelligence, CAD, electronic design automation, etc., assistive technology, data storage, networking and Internet, security that covers anti-virus, data loss prevention and data recovery, or others, open source software development is diluting the barriers to make technology and its derivatives more useful for one and all.

And our job at Multivertex is to exploit the open source technology to make it serve people well. Our highly skilled and experienced software developers listen, learn and deliver as per the demand of end-users or businesses. After development and testing of the software, we give subtle attention at the in-house deployment of the software, and are always ready to amend or update the developed product to make it more adapt to the work environment.We have the expertise in open source programming languages including Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, PHDL, and more, and can develop and integrate Websites using Apache, Drupal, MediaWiki, MongoDB, Moodle, WordPress, TYPO3 and more for diversified operating system platforms.