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Privacy Policy

Multivertex pays reverence to the privacy and security of visitors to the Web Site. The information collected by Multivertex is used solely to provide you customized solution. We do not sell or rent visitors’ information to anyone. Whatever we collect is shielded robustly within our database server. However, we request one and all to read the following section.

  1. When you complete online enquiry applications, ask for quotes and company brochure, and transact payments) electronically through Multivertex website or submit such requests or demands through hard copy, we often ask for information including your name, address, date of birth and e-mail address, which come under the category of personally identifiable information. The data or information gathered from you is used only to contact or serve you. We do not have a provision to sale, trade or rent such information with any third-party outside of Multivertex, however, we may share that with third-party companies, affiliates or subsidiaries that work for us.
  2. We often make use of third party commercial software and program to operate our servers;these software or program may unintentionally collect personal information due to certain automatic functions or available with them. Multivertex is committed to safeguard any sensitive data collected so, and will make reasonable efforts to filter out such information before processing.

“Cookies” collected by your browser stores the footprints of visited websites on your system hard-disk that in turn enhances the accessibility thereof. This integral feature or Cookies of the browser is used by us to read your behavior or preferences with respect to our Web Site. This statistical information helps us to boost our Web Site for better user-experience by recognizing your device type and its operating system platform, reckoning the speed or bandwidth demand, and assimilating already submitted username and password, if any.
Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. However, by resetting the browser, you may, disallow reception of cookies at any time. Multivertex will never explore Cookies to collect any data or information that is irrelevant to the Web Site. Remember, Multivertex never targets any personally identifiable information through Cookies.
Information revealed by your Internet Protocol address is used by us to identify demographic information, including the session duration, location, language, etc., which are vital in scaling up the Web Site for future outlook, hence, the offered services.This information will not be sold to any third party.
Activities associated with browsing lefts a trail of electronic information on visited website, which in Internet glossary is often termed as “click stream" data. Multivertex may use such information in order to study the visitors’ behavior like the time spent, manner in which the navigation was performed and the information cited from the Web Site. The collected information serves as a resource to improve the Web Site performance and marketing strategy.However, we make sure that use of click stream data will be anonymous and aggregate, and will not contain any personally identifiable information.
By asking for any quotation or filling any form available at the Web Site, you understand and explicitly consent to the collection and processing of such information in India or the United States.
Multivertex shall disclose all or part of the information including personally identifiable information submitted through the Web Site to legal authority or authorities in matter related to, but not limited to, search warrant, subpoena or court order, in order to comply with such process and to protect our rights and property.
In the course of adding values to the Web Site, Multivertex may provide reference of some third-party Web links, they in turn can also bear link to different websites. However, you agree that navigation to such websites, is totally on your own risk, and will be in accordance to the terms and conditions and privacy practices of that particular websites, and in no event Multivertex can be held liable for any damage incurred either by browsing or using their services.
Children under the age of 18(Minor) may find our Web Site pages of their interest, but we do not have any intention to collect personal information from them. However, our software doesn’t have the human intelligence to recognize such visitors, so Multivertex requests prospects to obtain the consent of a parent, guardian, teacher or librarian to view the Web Site. You agree to abide by such restrictions and not to help anyone avoid these restrictions. Being a user-friendly company, if Multivertex gets to know about the submission of any personally identifiable information to the Web Site by any minor, it will use reasonable efforts to remove such information from its server or files.
By visiting the Web Site, submitting requests for forms, or in any way using its content, you agree to abide by the terms of the Privacy Pledge. In case, you don’t, please do not use the Web Site. Multivertex is the sole owner to change, modify, add or remove portions from this privacy policy at any time. For any drastic change in the material or content of the Policy, Multivertex will post a notice advertisement on the top of the Policy or on the homepage for 30 days. We also urge you to keep yourself apprised with any changes in the Policy from time to time, specifically if you are destined to use the Web Site in any manner.