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Software Development

A business is a multi-vertex polygon where each edge has its own role, but with a common objective i.e. easing the job of customers or clients. Software development or software design or enterprise application development focuseson the same theme. The development process has multiple stages including exploring the customers and business requirement, market research, conceiving plans for software development, testing developed software, deployment and maintenance aiming to help organizations achieve their goals through automated workflow system for a sustainable business culture.

Multivertex Technologies rests on careful planning, sound methodologies, and updated knowledgebase which are monitored by highly skilled resources. Also, we promise flexibility to add or modify product lines to let you manage emerging challenges across different dimensions in the shortest possible time. We can work with different technology platforms as per the client’s requirements.

A few includes:
  • Java
  • Microsoft Development Technologies
  • SAP
  • Microsoft Enterprise Technologies
  • Business Intelligence
  • User Interface
  • Third Party Tools and Frameworks
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Social Networking and Blogging
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Integration Servers and Workflow Engines
  • AJAX

We, at Multivertex strive to leverage your investment so that you can manage the legacy of a trusted and accountable business entrepreneur. Thus, our business model is based on coming together, keeping together and working together for collective success.